to see all 

generations thrive.

Traffic fatalities disproportionately affect Montana’s Tribal communities. The Safe On All Roads (SOAR) program is a collaborative effort between the seven Tribal communities in Montana and MDT to promote and inspire safe driving behavior.

Together, we can make our community safe for all.

Three Indigenous girls wearing traditional regalia, including sashes and feather fans, represent their Northern Cheyenne tribe.

Choose to keep your
community safe

Protect future generations by driving sober, following the speed limit and buckling up.

Keeping our 


safe starts with small acts.

Traffic safety is a community effort built on individual choices. When you drive safer, you make our community safer.

Follow the speed limit

Driving the speed limit gives you time to react to changing conditions and unexpected hazards.

Always buckle up

Even when it’s a short trip, seat belts save lives.

Drive sober

Drugs and alcohol should never mix with driving. If you drive impaired, you put everyone else on the road in danger.


19% of motor vehicle crash fatalities were Native American, despite making up 6.2% of the population in Montana.
The percentage of fatalities that occurred within the boundaries of a Tribal community in Montana who were unrestrained or not helmeted.
The percentage of fatalities that occurred within the boundaries of a reservation in Montana that involved an impaired driver (BAC +0.08).

Based on 2019-2021 data from NHTSA's FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System).

“I drive safely to protect not just my people, but my way of life.”

— Aurora, CS&K

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