Driving engaged, meaning you have no distractions, makes drivers safer on the road.

While it seems obvious, engaged driving isn't easy for all of us.

Whether it’s your phone, food, kids, friends or fiddling with the climate controls, your attention is pulled in every direction, every second.

Focus on the road,
not your phone.

Offer a helping hand—or paw

Andy knows distraction-free driving is safe. Here’s his slap-happy way of reminding all of us.

Pro linebacker Troy Andersen is big

To make sure he can return to Montana after the end of the season, he always drives distraction-free.

Survival of the focused

The biggest rivals in the animal kingdom know a thing or two about focusing on the road.

Take in the 


not a text.

Engaged driving helps drivers focus on arriving safely. Here are some ways to encourage a friend or loved one to drive engaged.

“Hey, let's make sure we get there safely. Eyes on the road!”

“I'll handle the music and climate controls, you focus
on getting us there in one piece.”

“If you need to use your phone, let's pull over safely. It'll take less than a minute.”

“Let's focus on the road, yeah? We don't want to put anyone's life in danger!”


The percentage of fatal crashes in Montana that involved a distracted driver.
The percentage of drivers under 20 involved in fatal crashes in Montana who were distracted.

Based on 2019-2021 data from NHTSA's FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System).

“I set an example for my daughters by silencing my phone and putting it away when I'm driving.”

— Levi, Bozeman

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