Buckle up


It’s the right thing to do.

Seat belts save lives. Whether it’s a trip into town for a date night or across the state to see family, seat belts protect your most precious cargo. There’s always more to see in Montana, so make sure you’re around to experience it.

50% of those killed in car crashes were not buckled.

If not for you, who?

Andy reminds us that buckling up goes beyond keeping yourself safe.

True Montanans always buckle up

Montana is wild, and Troy Andersen shows us how he stays true to his roots.

Buckling up in a 

light truck 


your risk of fatal 

injury by 60%.

Seat belts are effective at reducing fatalities and injuries. Here are some common misconceptions around buckling up.


Seat belts aren’t effective.


Seat belts are the single most effective way to reduce your chance of serious injury or fatality in a crash.


Seat belts trap you if you’re in a fire or underwater.


These types of crashes represent .05% of crashes. And you can’t free yourself if you’re unconscious. Seat belts give you a greater chance of being conscious and able-bodied.


Pickup trucks are safer, so you don’t need to wear a seat belt.


In reality, seat belts are even more effective at saving lives in light trucks, vans and SUVs. They can reduce your risk of fatal injury by 60%.


Seat belts themselves can kill you in a crash.


Seat belts can hurt you due to bruising and restraining you, but staying secured in your car greatly increases your chance of surviving a crash.


Vehicle occupants killed in fatal crashes in Montana who were unrestrained or not helmeted.
Unrestrained vehicle occupants ejected from
a vehicle who received
fatal injuries.
Unrestrained or not helmeted fatalities that occured in rural areas in Montana.

Based on 2019-2021 data from NHTSA's FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System).

“The future’s brighter
when you buckle up.”

— Andy, Helena

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