Drink your fill?
Your car can chill.

Get a 


ride home.

Driving under the influence doesn’t just impact you — it affects the whole community. Impaired driving, which is when you drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, puts everyone in danger.

Learn more about the impact of impaired driving in Montana and how you can help.

Don't leave it to chance.
Drive sober.

Friends don’t let friends drive impaired

Learn a thing or two from Andy. True friends always look after the safety of their buddies and community.

Some things never change

Real Montanans don’t drive impaired. Small-town hero Troy Andersen knows this all too well.

Don’t let happy 


end a 

happy life. 




As Montanans, we have a responsibility to keep our communities safe. One of the easiest ways to do this is by planning for a sober ride home.

That means having a plan to get home or stay somewhere safe that won’t require driving under the influence. Designating a sober driver before the drinking starts is one of the easiest strategies.

Besides planning and getting a sober ride home, here’s what you can do to keep our community safe.

If you see something, say something

If you notice that your friend is too impaired to drive, get them a sober ride home and do not let them drive. A moment of awkward tension is worth saving their life.

Don’t overserve your friends

If you’re hosting, pace your friends and family. It’s your responsibility to make sure they get home safely, so don’t allow anyone to drive if they are impaired.

Step up

Volunteer yourself as a sober driver.


No other state has more alcohol-related traffic deaths, per capita, than Montana.
Traffic fatalities that were the result of an alcohol impaired driver in 2021.
State of Montana Icon.
Number of people killed in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver from 2012–2021.

“To protect my family, friends and community, I always plan for a sober ride home.”

— Troy Andersen, Professional
Linebacker, Dillon

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